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Connect Phono to Dialog
Pro-Ject has a new turntable the Essential II Digital which integrates pre-amp, ADC and an optical TOSLink output:
Looks promising.

Would it be possible to output a phono signal to one of those audio bluetooth adaptors (like this )
and then pair the adaptor to the dialog or the phantoms?

Similarly, since the new Apple TV will support Bluetooth, will it be possible to pair it with the speakers?

It seems to be a receiver. Not a transmitter.

Check this out instead:

[Image: 71vNqE5tv2L._SL1500_.jpg]
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Yes it makes sense to spend more. They are just much harder to source than a d/a. Ideally you want something that supports 24 bit depth, which is ample resolution for complete transparency. Even 16 bit is technically fine, but it is close. If interested, Keep an eye on audiogon, I am listing a very good one with built in riaa from MSB this weekend.

Good ones are difficult to find.
(24-Aug-2015, 19:12)eibet Wrote: I use Pro-Ject Carbon Espirit to pro-ject riaa to a/d converter. Works great, but the quality will naturally drop a little depending on the quality of your units. I was very happy when I found out that you can use optical input on all the devialet units connected to one dialog.
The dialog only has one optical in so how do you conect e.g. 4 phantoms to only 1 optical in?

If you have 4 phantoms, set up as 2 stereo pairs, in 2 different rooms, and a dialog in one of the rooms, for the other toom, must the phantoms there be connected by long optical cable or will sound go through the ethernet input?  I dont think so but somewhere I thought I read there was a way to avoid long optical how do you do that?
I do not wish to connect Phantoms wirelessly, so a wired solution configuration diagram is what is needed.   Does anybody have a few diagrams of basic setups to post as an attachment here?

Thank you.
I would absolutely love Devialet to make a matched digital phono stage, or even line converter for the Phantoms. I currently feed my phono stage output into a Sonos ZP90 which then plays into my Phantom. It's OK or good depending on your view but not up to the performance of a direct feed into an analog system.

With my current Sonos system, I can have the deck in another room and play it wirelessly to another zone player connected to the Phantom system. That's a nice feature.

A Devialet sales rep said that I could input into a 200 system and then output via coax digital and then convert to optical with adapted. If I was doing that for my second system that could work out, but a little expensive for just a Phono stage.

I'd might explore the use of a 24bit ADCs to see what effect they have. I'm tempted to try out a Metric Halo ULN2 (which I think can be programmed for RIAA on its MIC inputs or just use a line input 96k 24bit) or RME or Benchmark.

Ultimately for me, a well designed dedicated Devialet Phantom phono stage would be an awesome prospect.
Totally second this.....please do not forget vinyl, almost a deal breaker I now have two systems

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Pro-Ject Essential II Digital + Ortofon OM5e - /€379 has toslink out and a RIAA phono stage built in...

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As others I am also considering to connect a turntable (probably a Pro-Ject Debut or RPM - I sold my Thorens a while ago ...). I think the Pro-Ject A/D Phono Box S looks quite promising and seems to offer a decent enough quality level. I was wondering though if also their Phono Box USB ( would work. It has USB out and the Dialog has USB in. I am not sure though if the Dialog is capable of handling this type of input.

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Dialog USB input has no functionality yet, but I would not count with that one... Better going for a solution with an optical output that you could connect to one of the optical inputs (either Dialog or any of the Phantoms).

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