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Cartridges and phono settings
(12-Aug-2014, 19:55)marcor Wrote:
(12-Aug-2014, 18:30)adstew Wrote: Am guessing we are all in the right range at -40 to -20.

Adding to this at the risk of going slightly off topic - I am currently using the trial version of Pure Vinyl to digitize some albums. The meters on the Dev show very low noise levels when on the phono input, -80 db range. When I look at those levels through my Mac Mini they go to -55 db. This is beyond the level Pure Vinyl suggests for recording (-70 or better). I am guessing the issue is with the mac. Sent a note to Pure Vinyl and will let you know what they say. Anyone else experiencing this?

I haven't tried using pure vinyl but I have very low noise floor, just a couple of bars in the devialet meter and I am using 192/24 instead than 96 as suggested. I did a bunch of tests and I found out that even if introduce a bit of noise there is a wider range at 192. Did anyone else tried?
During my 170 days I tried the 192 setting but at that time I had big problems with mains induced noise so that setting wasn't cherished at that moment. However I noticed a bit better details in the recordings. Since then through 200 and now 400 I have sorted the mains pretty good so perhaps it is time for another go at 192. Will try tonight.

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I tried 192 with the first config I was able to do for myself when the configurator first went live on the 'net but went back for the second.
My reasoning was that, firstly Devialet recommended 96, and they know far more than me and secondly that when I put my mind to it I could not think of a single reason why 192 should be better and at least one why it may be worse, so for my second config I went for 96.
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I've stuck with 96 due to my experiences when running a Linn KDS into the line-ins. It sounded a lot better with 96 rather than 192. I guess I ought to test the turntable separately really...
I am Devialetless!  Perhaps temporary?
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I think that a lot depends from your turntable, cables and cartridge.

If you have hi quality components I believe 192 can work, but if you have a weak point in the chain the problems immediately show up.
A friend of mine tried the 192 and he reverted back to 96 as he didn't feel a different so big to overcome the noise.
If you give it a try I would be interested in hearing what you think

I have my config at 96 too. Very low noise on Dev. Not so great on the Mac Mini. Convinced that is the weak link in the chain. Just not sure where to start.
(13-Aug-2014, 00:45)adstew Wrote: I have my config at 96 too. Very low noise on Dev. Not so great on the Mac Mini. Convinced that is the weak link in the chain. Just not sure where to start.

Did you try a different USB cable It shouldn't cause any differnce but I tend to run out all the options before discarding them.
I think you mentioned you are trying PureVinyl, I would try also to use audacity and check on the meter what noise level you get. See if both of them give you the same reading.
Could also be a problem with the Deviaet itself... Some internal rerouting that cause the noise.
Was your minimac using the fan at the time of the test?
Thanks, both give the same reading. Swapped USB too. No fan on. Thanks for the ideas though.

Just tried audacity on mac laptop and seeing similar levels as mac mini.

Went to 192 on Dev and still showing somewhere between -100 and -90 on noise levels on the dev display. Perplexed. I don't hear any noise in the system unless I turn the volume well beyond any normal listening levels. Not so attached to digitizing vinyl that this is worth it but am really curious as to what would cause this. Beginning to think this is somewhere in the max level setting but just not sure.

I went home for lunch and did a quick test with Audacity. I didn't have time to change my Devialet settings so I run every thing at 192/24.
Devialet show me noise around -100 (1 or 2 bar only on the meter) Audacity show me movement up to -57 db... However if I switch the meter from dB to linear it doesn't show any big movement, somethign more similar to what I see on the Devialet.
I tried to record to see if was picking up the noise but the line was dead flat even zooming in.
At this point I am confused as you are.

I search on line for some clue and found this

seems the lower value is -60dB but I am not sure how that compares with teh Devialet one
Not sure what to conclude given we are seeing near identical results.
(13-Aug-2014, 05:36)adstew Wrote: Not sure what to conclude given we are seeing near identical results.

I think this is something that Devialet should look into. I have a strong feeling that the problem is on their side. In other words something happens when the digital signal is output from the USB (not sure if a gain gets applied or what). 2 different softwares are giving the same readings and we tried it on 2 different Amplifier with different computers.

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