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Subwoofer Level (Devi-Out)

are there any recommendations regarding the output voltage of the preamp when using a subwoofer? Is it better to set it to a lower or a higher value?

I set it max: 4rms. The default at 2 rms wasn't enough for my sub. So it depends on your sub sensitivity. I just couldn't get sufficient signal at 2rms.
I didn't use the speaker input on the sub because with the preout, i can use the filter to limit output to 60Hz and below.
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I've put mine in 3 Vrms
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There's no general answer to this. The optimal value is determined by the subwoofer and more specifically it's input sensitivity. Consult with the manufacturer of the sub or check the manual for the specified input sensitivity (in Vrms).

The trick is to adjust the Devialet to that specific value. If for example the sub's input sensitivity is 2Vrms it'll output max. SPL when fed that by the Devialet at maximum volume.
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