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Airplay for Phantom
I bought mine new here in Finland 27th october and I have no airplay on Dialog or Golds....
Get on to Deviant and demand your money back, then order again. But do it quick!
I bought through dealer. I can't buy directly from Devialet from Finland. The Devialet store is blocked here.
Then get back your dealer.
Just ordered a new version Dialog from Devialet.
From what they told me, the Dialog with ending serial number XTD doesn't support AirPlay, while the ones with ending serial number X03 and X04 do.

Does anyone out there have other ending serial numbers?
XTD here. I bought it month ago. I have already informed Devialet that I am not happy to receive so old model.
My dealer says that those with Golds will not necessarily need Dialog Airplay as the Golds have the Airplay chip already and should be turned on with the next firmware very shortly.
He is supposed to get back to me today with more details...
I can confirm this, firmware update within a week to enable AirPlay.
Someone just heared from Devialet that it is a matter of it is within a week. It will be interesting to see what is true and what is not.
Got the info from Devialet.

1) Airplay Dialogs are sold for White & Silver Phantoms which are not Airplay Ready.
2) They are working on a program that will allow those who bought their Dialog recently to exchange it for the new airplay version.
3) Gold phantoms will be Airplay capable very very shortly (with the next firmware). Apparently APPLE (not Devialet) decided to make the Dialog airplay-ready before the Golds.
4) Devialet says that if you own Golds it is best to use the Airplay from the Phantoms than from the Dialog... when it is capable of course Wink

Hope it helps.

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