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Barcelona 1000 Pro+Sonus Faber & Phantom Gold
Pro-Ject CD BOX RS--JRiver MC23--Air 3.0.4--Transparent PowerLink Super--Devialet 220 Pro--Chord Epic Twin--Harbeth SHL5--Sumiko S.9 Subwoofers--Sennheiser HD 540 Reference Gold--Soundcare SuperSpikes
Alicante (Spain)
I heard the Cremonese on 90 grands worth of McIntosh gear a month or so ago and thought it sounded quite out of focus. I would love for someone to tell us what he thinks of the 1000 Pro / Cremonese combo.
Lifetime Roon, Mac mini, int. SSD, ext. HDD, tv as monitor, key board and track pad on bean bag as remote,Devialet 200, O d'A #097, Blue jeans speaker cable, Dynaudio C1 MkII.
Jim Smith's GBS.
Northern NSW Australia.

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