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Well, it is one year ago today that I traded my D400 for the O d'A, and I have no regrets. The sound continues to amaze me, and the reliability has been faultless. I'm looking forward, albeit with some trepidation, to what the CI board might bring, but that is the only part of my system that is likely to change in the next 12 months.

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Well the dark nights are on their way and so the golf makes way for more music listening. The neighbours under me have moved out and left the place empty for now. BLISS

I actually forgot how good this sounds hen played at a good volume level, as too much of ,y listening is with headphones these days.......NOTHING beats the real thing though and my system still makes me swoon every time. Maybe I appreciate it more as I can’t do this as often as I would like, but it sounds amazing. This is just the plain old 200 too. ?
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Nice to hear womaz!
Me too still dev200, and i really love it! My combo is stunning now, finetuned though thru isotek sequel p.conditionner and acoustics is the next step!
Am still wondering why some folks on the net doesnt like devialet sound???? Amazing!

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(28-Sep-2017, 19:15)samsoum Wrote: My combo is stunning now, finetuned though thru isotek sequel p.conditionner and acoustics is the next step!
My system is sounding great, last night I had a late-night listening sess and it was the best ever.
So this morning I am wondering if I need something like this conditioner to make day-time listening equally awesome....
Kind regards,
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hi david,
my last addition is actually the p.conditionner sirius plus the p.c isotek sequel,i found the sound much better specially in the base.I didn t removed it from the system yet to compare,but i felt before using it ,during the day,the sound is softer ,the base lack definition.
Now i m enjoying day and night the sound without any drop in sound.

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