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6 Audio event
Here's an event taking place in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately I won't be around but could be interesting for anyone wanting to hear the new 220 and 440 PROs with Vivid speakers:

Saturday 17th December 2016
Vivid Audio and Devialet are teaming up at Partridge Green to organise an open day for clients within the South London, Sussex and Surrey vicinity to witness superb high end hi-fi in a relaxed and informal setting located in the countryside.
On view will be the full Vivid Giya Range G1 – G4, accompanied by the B1d and V1.5. From Devialet we shall have the new Expert Pro 220 and Expert Pro Dual Mono 440 product.
To avoid disappointment please take the opportunity to visit the Six Audio website and register your interest.

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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