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master / slave digital cable for 440Pro
I can hear the difference.
Of course that is probably incorporate the synergy of the 2 cables, not in a disintegrated way. Can hear some slight differences when in front of the left and right speakers.

I use Acrolink 7n-da2090 for my AES to master and a modified DH Lab 110 RCA-AES to slave.
The Acrolink cable is neutral and focus whereas the DH Lab is with a tinge of warm and slightly diffused.
It seems marry well in a good way.

Right now I have the Acrolink cable for my slave as well. Waiting for my slave (actually also a master) from the Pro upgrade.

I am not sure if other users feel the same. Hoping to hear some feedback.
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(16-Dec-2016, 17:18)Antoine Wrote: Nobody was discussing USB here... Smile

The Diamond is still the TOTL cable for different product lines like USB, ethernet and HDMI cables. Wild and WEL are available in the digital Coax and AES/EBU categories for example.

Yes I got mixed up myself.   Confused

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