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Pro 220 or D400
(23-May-2017, 22:57)Pim van Vliet Wrote:
(23-May-2017, 16:55)samsoum Wrote: Hi fellas,
I would like to share my experience with all of you, and specially to guys like me who didn t choose to upgrade to pro series.
My dealer loaned me a companion to test on my system for the week end.
Some troubles to make it configured properly was fast fixed after the help much appreciated of #brit# thumb5# confused#
To make the story short : dev400 is a superior amp to dev200, in every way, specially in bass and soundstage.
I ve notived also it is a quiter amp, and dynamically better.
Honestly speaking i like it very much, but not outstanded to a degree of saying: this amp need to stay here.
This is mostly due , i think, to my speakers wich need more quality than quantity!
I m not saying that  the dev400 is only about power, but in my system dev 200 delivered the good.( i can t imagine dev 440 pro or 1000pro performance)
The price suggested by my dealer before discount is 4360$,3350£,3900€.
I m waiting now for the end of munich high end show to end and see what are the streamer solutions available and what about os streamer for the new pro .
In my dealer showroom, i listened to 220pro with sopra 2 briefly , and i wasn t at all impressed, specially by bass.
Before leaving, my dealer told me that i can t leave without listening to these: sasha2 + Dan d agostino nstream: i listened to one samba style track, what i can say is just amazing! The speakers where white, and they diffused the sound in such an organization and rhythm and dynamic... ouffffffffff
My dealer was laughing cause i was transported to a life concert!
He concluded by saying pro1000 is even better....

Macbook pro -roon-tidal-Devialet200 frw 10.1.0-power cord burmester: vde reg nr9990
Spkr cables: acoustic zen satori
Speakers:wilson audio sabrina

The Dan d agostino nstream.... is that a streamer or does it do amplification too?

Dan d agostino master audio stream: integrated dac and streamer,250watt into 8 ohms.

Macbook pro -roon-tidal-Devialet200 frw 10.1.0-power cord burmester: vde reg nr9990
Spkr cables: acoustic zen satori
Speakers:wilson audio sabrina
Do you say that this 50.000 € stuff is beaten by a Devialet 1000 pro ?
(25-May-2017, 08:49)jfp Wrote: Do you say that this 50.000 € stuff is beaten by a Devialet 1000 pro ?

I m just saying that my dealer prefered the 1000pro over it .
Myself i never heard the 1000pro.

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220Pro because you have much better hardware compare to 400 and you have option to upgrade to 440 later on if you really want to. There are 5 major improvement in Pro series that not exists in its previous version including much better Built in power conditioner.
I will go 220 PRO, its much improved version than the 200 and you can upgrade to 440 PRO instead of 400. The PRO version has massive improvement, I know they have the same look but internal has been greatly improved.
Listen to both. Compared next to each other, the 400 was in may ways superior to the 220 Pro in my setup. Bringing more authority, dynamics, Control in the base, etc. If you have very easy to drive speakers, this may not be the same, but my 4 Ohm, 89 db are pretty sensitive, and still really benefit from the 400 Watts the 400 drives them with.

As for upgrading: a 400 just as easily upgrades to a 440 Pro as a 220 Pro. Devialet already told us the upgrades will start again in the future. They are just not sure yet if the Infinity core Card will be included in the upgrade, but I will be surprised if it isn't. The 'vast superiority' of the 220 Pro as stated above is questionable compared to the 400. I would say they compare like 200 < 220 < 400 < 440 < 1000.
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