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add all tracks to spark playlist
I've tried for ages but can't figure out how to 'add all tracks' or 'shuffle all tracks' in spark. Currently, I create a spark playlist and then add tracks/albums to it. I have hundreds of albums though, is there an easier/quicker way? Can I make a playlist in say VLC or WMP and import that? I don't use itunes however as I don't own any apple products.

Thanks in advance
This was my question in one of my first posts and i still don't think it can be done. Initially it had a limit of 1000 songs but i think that has increased. Its the worst music app i have ever come across which is why i ended up with JRiver.
Acer Revo One RL85. Synology DS215J (Backup only). JRiver21. Silver Phantom. Devialet Remote. Musical Fidelity M1SDAC. Marantz CD5400 (Transport). Virgin Superhub. Grado RS2i. Samsung 37" TV as monitor. Music on ssd. 
Thanks for the reply, thought I was just being incredibly stupid.

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