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Sopra 2 and devialet
(15-Apr-2017, 19:52)El_Duderino Wrote: I've got the Focal Sopra 2 paired with Devialet D200.  I wouldn't characterize the sound as bright at all but the speakers -- like most -- do require careful positioning in the room for optimal sound.  I personally use minimal toe in which helps tame any perceived brightness related to the tweeter and have them pulled about 2 feet into the room from the back wall.  Additionally, room treatments are a must, particularly if you have a "reflective" room.  As far as cables -- I'll go against the grain here and say that, with A-B testing, I found absolutely no difference which is, of course, congruent with the actual science behind signal conduction.  I use fairly inexpensive 10ga copper cables.  The system sounds great.

Agreed! And I couldn't agree more with the cable - I tried some 6mm Van Damme cable in my Naim system last week with great effect!

Has anybody faired the Sopra 2's with the 1000Pro and felt these were a good match? i.e. neither component is limiting the other component? Obviously for the price difference there needs to be a reasonable sonic improvement that the Sopra's can express.

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