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SwissBear's system
Last year, Pos the author of rePhase and JohnMP the author of REW, have implemented an interface in order to allow usage of amplitude correction filters generated inside REW in rePhase, and improve the possibilities to use rePhase as a tool to generate room corrections.

Since the 5.19 beta version of REW, JohnMP has implemented some new features which allow:
  • to simplify the averaging of measurements (time alignment and vector averaging)
  • to generate a minimum phase and an excess phase versions of any measurement, which allow to greatly simplify the possibility to use rePhase in order to generate a minimum phase correction of any system.
I have updated a short 'How To' guide in order to illustrate these features.
This manual is available here:

Thanks again to JohnMP and to Pos for making this interface so easy to use  Wink

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