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Phantom Premier/Phantom I Models and Versions - Please Contribute!
Devialet, like many hardware manufacturers, makes continuous changes to its products both major and minor.  Sometimes these introduce new capabilities (e.g. Bluetooth, Airplay), sometimes non-functional benefits like better thermal efficiency (the Feb 2021 SoC) and sometimes these are just changes dictated by component price or availability (different Wi-Fi chipsets, Toslink receptacles etc.)

However Devialet is extremely opaque about these changes, one could even say secretive.  That said, the community here has managed to deduce some connections between hardware configuration, serial numbers, which among other things codify the date of manufacture, and possibly model numbers.   Collating this information will give us a better understanding of when certain changes actually entered production and which configuration/capabilities a given unit has.

The more information we can gather the more we will be able to deduce.  So, please register your Phantom units here.  It would be helpful if you could list:
- the model i.e. what it was bought as (e.g. Phantom Premier Classic, Silver, Gold, Gold OdP or Phantom I 103 dB, 108 dB, 108 dB OdP)
- the first and last four characters of the serial number which you will find in the app (by all means obscure the numbers in between although I can't imagine how this information could be misused)
- the model number (which you will find printed on the bottom of the speaker).  
A screenshot of your My Products page is even better as it eliminates the risk of transcription error.

I'll start.  I am the proud owner of two Phantom Golds from 2017.  Serial numbers starting K28P ending in 4U06 and model number MX207.

I am collating the results in a Google sheet here which I have made viewable to anyone via the link.  Please post here or message me with any requests or suggestions.

Many thanks in advance!
I have a Phantom Opera de Paris. Glossy.
Model: MX207
SN: N26N*4U11
Year of Manufacture: 2020

Devialet was not able to confirm if this unit has the new chipset or not. They did confirm that it has the same connectivity capabilities as the Phantom 1.
M38 4U09 MX207
4500w opera glossy
N48 4U11 MX207
4500w opera glossy
Vanaf mei 2015 2x fantoomzilver.
Vanaf okt 2017 2x zilver naar 2x goud
Sorry, geen cijfers meer.

Vanaf dec 2021 van 2 goud naar phantom 1 108db goud mat wit.

P39P * 4U15. MX207
P42P * 4U15. MX207
2 Phantom I 108dB Opera de Paris bought in february 2022
Model MX207
Serial:  P12P**4U17
Silver Phantom x 3, bought in January 2019
J24E**EW02 x 3

Phantom I 108 x2 bought in August 2021

Phantom I 108 bought in October 2021
Living room: Kii Three/BXT with Control.
Den: Tannoy Precision 8 iDP with TS112 iDP subwoofer.
In the cupboard, waiting for a sibling: 1st gen. Phantom Silver running DOS1
My Phantom Voyage
Purchased October 2021

Phantom 1 golds

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1x Phantom Classic (glossy) 2019

M39P * P314 ZP496

2x Phantom Classic (glossy) 2020
December 2020

N42N * P316 MX207
N46P * P316 MX207

I suspect these already have the newer chipset because they boot faster, comsume less power and get a lot less warm than my 2019 Phantom..
I have two Phantom I (103dB):

N50P00* - this one draws around 12,5W idle
P22N00* - this one draws around 25W idle

What is the difference? Both sound same. the N50* boots a little quicker...
From internet:

Phantom 1 108db gold
Februari 2022

P50P * 4U20 MX207

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