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120 will not read (new) configuration file
My new fibre connection came with a new router and a changed IP address, SSID and password

I logged into the configurator and edited the file to change the above parameters, saved it as dp_cfg.txt and replaced the existing file on the SD card

On powering up the amplifier, the words "Factory Config" appeared and several programmed functions (sub-out, wifi, etc) no longer operate

I read the configuration file with Notepad and it seems ok

I formatted the card with FAT32 and reloaded it.  No difference

The changes were:  SSID name.  Password.  Fixed IP address for wifi.  Fixed IP address for ethernet

Any ideas?

Cape Town - South Africa
When you simply eject the card and push it straight back in again, does it say "SAME CONFIG"?
If not, it may not even be registering the presence of an SD Card in the slot (try another card?).
At this point I can only say I've had a few mis-reads and "card error" messages myself with both a 120 and a 220 Devialet. I haven't done anything else other than what you've tried to get back to normality.
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I'm also thinking it is the card. Did a complete format, but no change
Its a 2Gb SD card, so not hard to find

Cape Town - South Africa
Do you have a Devialet with the CI board and, if so, is it an amp that got the board as an upgrade? The reason I ask is because I think the SD card bay is on the CI board and it got replaced with the CI board upgrade. I had problems getting my amp to read my SD card when I got the amp back after the upgrade. For some reason I now find it a little tricky to get the card to seat properly in the slot when I insert it. There's a definite feel to it "clicking in" when it does seat properly. In my case I find actually pushing the card in from the right rear corner (the corner closest to the centre of the amp) seems to make it easier. Maybe it's just that whatever the card slots into is aligned a fraction crooked on the board or something. I never noticed this problem before the CI upgrade which is why I think the SD board connection is physically attached to the CI board and was replaced in the upgrade process.

If the display says "Factory Config" when the amp is booting that means the card isn't being read and the problem could easily be that it isn't seated in the slot properly. Try pushing the card in and rocking the finger you're pushing it in with a bit to the left and right so you feel the card move slightly and see if you can get it to seat solidly in the slot. There is a difference in feel once it seats properly and once it's seated properly and the amp recognises it you should see your config file loading.

I found this process a bit annoying at first but now I'm used to it I just do it automatically and rarely have a problem
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Brisbane, Qld, Australia
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Chris have you got things working to your satisfaction?
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