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2 Premier Gold: AirPlay2 (DOS2) streaming issues
Hello everyone,

since I updated my two phantom premier gold (2018) to DOS2 latest version, I have seen some annoying behavior of the phantoms paired in stereo. Sometimes, when I want to stream music via AirPlay2 to the phantoms from an iPhone11, it just doesn't play. The music app on the phone and also the Devialet app show that it plays, but the speakers itself are silent. I still can ping the speakers via the Devialet app. My current, even more annoying, workaround is to turn them both off and on again. Somehow this fixes the issue. To complete my story, the phantoms are connected via WiFi, where the access point is sitting in the same room. Has anybody seen such a behavior? If yes, is there a better way to get the connection up again. Probably fixed WiFi frequencies might help? Special Access points settings? I thinks it lies somewhere there, but have no clue to get to the root cause. Thanks already for any hint or help. Till then I am quite good at the OFF ON thing  Big Grin

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