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250Pro CI and PMC fact.8 for Sale
Am thinking of going in a new direction so will be putting my Devialet and speakers up for sale in due course, if any interest let me know.

250 Pro CI, upgraded from D-Premier so light chrome. Immaculate condition other than the feintist of marks on the remote. Would make a nice 1000 for someone.

PMC fact.8 white. VGC.

Both with original boxes/packaging/accessories.

PM for more info.

Roon lifetime > Mac mini (RoonServer) > Eth > Allo DigiOne* > BNC ( >AES via Neutrik) > Devialet 250 Pro CI > PMC fact.8
‘Normal’ cables. *eBay LPS on the Allo, no discernible SQ change over Pi supply.
- London, UK -
>>> Devialet ‘EPO’ System - Expert Planned Obsolescence! <<<

Angel oops, what is the reason for your Devxit?
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There has been some speculation in other threads that the original D-Premier amp had a higher specification phono stage than the later Expert models. Personally, I have no idea if this is true or not, or what the differences are either technically or subjectively.

However, assuming this is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, then it strikes me that @Hifi_swlon 's amplifier is the ultimate one box Devialet for those that want to run a TT. Consider that you get both the original superior D-Premier phono stage and the latest 250Pro CI specification amplifier in one box. Plus, a second-hand price bonus from full retail. What's not to like?
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