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2x Phantom Gold - stereo issue

I own 2 x Phantom Gold speakers, one generation 2017, the second generation 2020. Lately I used them without the Dialog in stereo setup - through bluetooth. 2 days ago the Devialet app requested an update. It was done only on the newer speaker, however. Since then I have 2 bluetooth devices available : the "living room" - that formerly connected both devices, and a new one "Gold Phantom-6401" - that belongs to the older speaker. Ever since I am not able to use both speakers in stereo mode, only one at the time, according to the mentioned bluetooth connections. The Devialet app displays " left Devialet is missing".
Am I doing something wrong? How can I unite both speakers in one single bluetooth connection? (probably make the Devialet app recognize the older speaker again and update it also).
Did you contact Devialet support about this? Leaving paired Phantoms unusable as a stereo pair after an update is absolutely a problem Devialet must solve.
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