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4 channel setup

last week I stumbled over some CDs that offer 4 channel versions. Namely some Deep Purple Japan import 2 disc 40th anniversary („Machine Head“) and 35th anniversary („Stormbringer“) records.
I searched around the web for quite some time now but I could not figure out what kind of cd-player could output 4 channels, nor did I find information on this 4 channel format. Is this maybe a overplayed on the 2 channels and will be downmixed in the amp?
Could our Experts handle this, maybe in a 2 x stereo setup with 4 speakers?

I also used the search on our forum but did not find any news about 4 channel or quattro.

Has anyone experience with 4 channel playback and give me some hints how to proceed?



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Use an Oppo 105 or 205 blu ray player. Perfect 7.1 or 5.1 sacd sound.
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Source 1: Clearaudio (Synchro+Champion2+TT3 tangential+CM Bearing+Outer Limit+StradivariV2) connected in a balanced way on Devialet220 PRO CI, 530uV, 480 ohms
Source 2: Vodafone-Ziggo 1080i via Oppo 105D (Darbee 45%)
Source 3: Asus i7 16GbRAM W10-1809, Roon,Tidal, Spotify, Seagate 5TB HDD(2x), Audacity (=1350 recorded LP's 24/192), dBPoweramp
Cables: VandenHul&Kemp&Kimber, shielding, WBT nextgen, AQ Ethernet (3x), Live Cable USB, AQ jitterbug (7x)
Speakers: QuadESL2812 on  Heart 220PRO CI with Rel Stentor2 (14Hz -6 dB) and Rel Studio1 (9Hz - 6 dB) connected passive <32 HZ/12db/oct
Headphones: Devialet 220PRO CI on WooWee converter + StaxSR507(2x). Mobile: Sams Note9 1024GB & Oppo HA2+PM3 + AQ cables
Side and rearspeakers Kef Reference DM1&2 on Quad 707 (2x) with Rel Studio1
Picture: BenQW2000 (Calibrated), Projecta Electrol 300x173 (122 Inch), LG Oled 4K


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