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400 config file
Hello all,

Does anybody here have a 400 config with the following settings on hand - 


Everything else can be default or whatever you've chosen.

Background is, the online configurator is broken right now and cannot configure my 400. Every time the 400 turns on I have to manually turn these off and it gets annoying after a while.

If you have one please let me know and I will send you my email!

Thanks for your time!
I can send you one of mine if you'd like to PM me with your e-mail address. 400 rather than 440?

Oh, sorry, just checked: mine might have DPM on.
Roon (Mac Mini), Wilson Benesch Full Circle, Sonos ZP90 (Cullen modified), Devialet 440 Pro CI, Kaiser Chiara
Warwickshire, UK

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