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440Pro - Difference between Master/Companion?
Since joining the forum I never really had a chance to do much with my 440Pro as I was working away from home most of the time.
Since my involvement with that piece of work ended I've redone my system and have been spending a lot more time with it ;-)

I've never really paid much attention to the SOFTWARE screens other than to check Software and DOS versions are the same in both 220s
(HW 6.2 SW 13.1.3 DOS 2.2.4)

After recently, redoing my system when I upgraded my speakers to Audiovector SR6s I've noticed a difference between them.
The difference is there whether I run my config or Factory.

all SOFTWARE settings are identical apart from the PSU line

Master:           PSU 6.4    BL 2.C
Companion:     PSU 6.4    BL 2.9

When I queried Devialet they replied:

To answer your question:
"Under SOFTWARE the Master displays PSU 6.4 BL 2.C whilst the Companion displays PSU 6.4 BL 2.9"

BL is a factory test tool version
it is not used at the consumer level, the version is displayed for tracking reasons.

I did ask them for some more info but they've not replied on that.

Apart from only getting one remote I had assumed that both 220s were identical (I bought them as a 440Pro in summer 2018).
I never checked prior to upgrading to SW 13.1.3 DOS 2.2.4.

As I couldn't spot anything here about this discrepancy I'm curious as to whether anybody else with a 440Pro (bought as a 440Pro)
has the same?


440Pro, Audiovector SR6 AA, Linn KDSM, McIntosh MCD600, Clarity 09 with Rega IOS, Marantz SR6014
I don’t have a 440 Pro, but for what it’s worth, both of my amps display PSU 6.4 BL 2.9. It is similar for IHM, both BL 7.4.

I have an early 1000 Pro.

Welcome to the forum, by the way!
1000 Pro - KEF Blade - SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo - tX-USBultra - Mutec REF10 - MC3+USB - Pro-Ject Signature 12
I have a 440 Pro that started life as two 220 Pros.   Both report BL 2.9`
Devialet 440 Pro (two 220s)- Oracle CD transport - Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S turntable - Von Schweikert VR-35 speakers - JPS SC3 SCs - PI Audio power conditioning -
Triode Wire Labs ICs and PCs - Roon Labs music streaming
Durham, NC USA
My 440 Pro CI reports [ PSU 6.4 BL 2.C ] for both units.
They started life in 2016 as a 400 & was upgraded from 400 - - > 440 Pro CI in 2018.
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@Confused    Thanks - Glad to be here.


So some have BL 2.9 and others BL 2.C. It just seemed a bit strange to have one of each. As mine started off as a 440 Pro CI I expected both to be the same which is why I asked Devialet.

Thanks for replying.


440Pro, Audiovector SR6 AA, Linn KDSM, McIntosh MCD600, Clarity 09 with Rega IOS, Marantz SR6014

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