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AirPlay 2
Do you think they will ever implement it? They promised in the past but they are not updating as they used to. It is a real pity. I have a Sonos equipment for 5.1 home cinema and also the homepods, and they work well together through AirPlay 2. I can listen to same thing at the same time and even use the HomePods as left\right channel.. I would love to do the same with phantoms... use all my speaker to listen to music or use them as left right of the home cinema.

It really seems a limitation between the best speakers and the most reliable solution. I always have to choose instead of using them altogether.

Love to hear what you think. They promised more updates and I don’t see any...
If patience is a virtue, than any Phantom owner waiting for the Airplay 2 upgrade will surely become a Saint! ? That being said, I do have Airplay 2 working on my Phantom Gold and I love it. To do this while waiting for the mothership to prepare the appropriate firmware update, you need an Apple Airport Express (ONLY 2nd Generation), a Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable, and the optical input free on your Phantom. Start by updating your Airport Express to Firmware Version 7.8.  This is an update that appeared in September 2018, but if you’re like me, your Airport Express was already in retirement and was therefore already a couple of versions behind. This suggested fix ONLY appears in Firmware 7.8, so this step is essential. One this is done, add the Airport Express to the same wireless network as your other Airplay 2 devices sit on. Then plug your mini-Toslink into your Airport Express and then the other to the optical in on the Phantom. You should now see your Phantom in selectable devices which can be paired/coupled with other Airplay 2 speakers/devices. It can also be added to HomeKit so speaker configurations can be added to scenes (and soon, with an Airplay 2 Equipped TV!) and it sounds great. Have fun if you want to experiment!
Does Airplay 2 via the Apple Express solve the problem of crackle at high frequency on some tracks or is this something that only a Devialet implementation of Airplay 2 can sort?
Thanks in advance of for any info on this.

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Happy to test for you if you can provide me some examples of offending tracks.
Many thanks

The very last few notes right at the end of the track of Caliban’s Dream by Underworld is a good example. Also Hymn to the Fallen by John Williams and Miserere by Allegri both display crackle during high pitched vocal sections.

When played via Bluetooth rather than Airplay the crackle disappears. My system is a pair of Phantom Classics with Dialog.

Thanks again for the help.

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Happy to help. Played all three tracks and no crackle on any aspect of performance. I don’t know at what volume you usually play your music, but I had my Phantom playing in sync with my paired homepods and it sounded great. Hope your experience proves similarly successful.
Many thanks for spending time on this. Much appreciated and very encouraging news.

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