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Archimago's Musings: Computer audio mythos? A comment on The Linear Solution's DS-1
In cases like these I like to remember Daniel Boorstin’s observation;”The greatest enemy of progress is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge”

Austinpop made some subjective observations (I trust his ears as i’ve personally tried and confirmed several of his observations) then he goes on to ‘speculate’ (his word) what may be causing them.  Like the vast majority of audiophiles who are not EEs, he does not have access to the extensive hardware nor perhaps the skills required to make the highly complex measurements, so we’re left with his educated guesses, which he carefully qualified as guesses. Well that’s some least we have an idea of where those improvements may be coming from in the unlikely event that someone with access to the extensive hardware and necessary knowledge decides to dedicate months if not years to doing a complete investigation.
Then along comes this Archimago and rubbishes the whole enterprise. So what would he prefer, that no one tries these new pieces of hardware and reports on the result? No, clearly that wouldn’t work as he’d have nothing to rubbish

As part of my job I used to participate in technical meetings. To prove a point about creativity I once measured the dynamics of the meeting.

Whenever someone was presenting a problem or criticism of something or someone they were allowed to speak uninterrupted and people listened. But, whenever someone was presenting a new proposal or something creative, 30 seconds was the longest they spoke before being interupted by critics of the proposal. Of course the interruption was carefully listened to. If we look at history there’s a multitude of people remembered for their discoveries and creativity. I’ve yet to see any of their critics remembered for their contributions, likely because they didn’t actually make any. Armchair critics are 10 a penny and while its easy to shoot down others’ ideas, its also valueless.

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