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Blu ray
I have a pair of Phantom Silver and Panasonic GZ2000 TV. I'm looking for blu ray player but should I get Blu-Ray player like Pioneer UDP-LX500 or just a normal player like Sony UBP-X700 ?

LX500 have an excellent audio sound and I'm tempted to use that as well.
Welcome to the forum...

The Phanthoms have a latency which will make the audio out of sync with video. Are you using DOS1 or DOS2? If DOS1, you can set to direct optical mode to reduce the latency. You cannot do that in DOS2, yet.

You cannot use the analog audio capability of the Pioneer because the Phantoms can only take optical digital input.
Thank you. I guess I will stick to a basic Blu Ray player then.

About the latency for the audio from video, will the DOS2 resolve it ?

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