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Cables. Beware of the ultra low end.
A couple of weeks ago I was installing a karaoke machine in an aged living facility. We had a bit of a picture issue so we needed to check whether I had  plugged it in right. So I pulled the (provided with the machine) RCA's out the back, only to find out that the pin was still inside the machine!

It turns out that our friendly friends in the far east have found a way to make connectors even cheaper than the flimsy folded metal pin. They made the pin out of some really crappy plastic and covered that with an ultra thin layer of whatever metal they could find on the kitchen floor.

Later that day, I had to remove an old tv and install a new one. I pulled the optical cable out; half a connector in hand, the other half stuck in the TV. So stuck even pliers didn't get it out...

Maybe there is something in buying high end cables after all... Tongue

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