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Can’t reset classic - just clicks when button pressed

I am trying to reset one of my two classic phantoms to re-pair it to dialog. 

Unfortunately it won’t reset!

When I press the rear button it emits a click from the speakers. The other one does not, and resets as it should (emits hum etc.)

Any suggestions?
One push won't reset the speaker, try three. Works on DOS1 at least.
Living room: 2x Gold Phantom, Remote.
Den: Kii Three with Control.
(21-Jun-2020, 01:27)ragwo Wrote: One push won't reset the speaker, try three. Works on DOS1 at least.

Sorry I should have been more specific. 

I am doing three clicks. 

I know I am doing it right because it works on the other Phantom. 

Besides not resetting, the other odd thing is that when I click the button, the speaker emits a click. The one that resets does not react like that. 

I went through the reset process for all the items, Dialog and two Phantoms, just two days ago. It’s highlt unlikely the speaker has broken physically since then.
I remember having that kind of problem because I often move one of my two Phantoms in another place then I have to reset the pair when I'm back home. I'm unsure of what exactly happened in those occasions but I know I had to repeat the same reset-unplug-replug-process including dialog reset, and even doing the same to my CPL-Wifi devices. I changed the order of those manipulations too. Each time I finally succeeded after having done all those operations several times, in different order, meaning that I repeated each one more that once, so when it finally worked I never knew what I had down right !
Devices :
2 Gold Phantoms (previously 2 Silver) + Dialog - Denon DCD-SD/300 -
Project Essential II Digital equipped with Ortofon 2M Blue,
Accessories :
Tree, Cocoon, Remote

Lyon - France
The issue is resolved.

Somehow - and it's a mystery how - the one speaker got updated to DOS 2. I know for a fact that I didn't do it, as I didn't even have the Devialet app installed. The buyer may have somehow done it by accident, but I don't see how that's possible to be honest. Anyway, doesn't matter now it's resolved.

Once the Phantom is on DOS 2, the reset is a long press instead of three short presses. I knew that, but I wasn't physically with the speakers anymore.

So what can I say - when it works it's great, but when it doesn't it's kind of a problem that the system is so opaque. It would rock to have some sort of diagnostics besides the app (which is very high level) and the sound/vibration cues from the speakers (which are hard to memorize, and changed with DOS 2 anyway).

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