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Canadian Distributor no longer carries Devialet
(27-Mar-2019, 18:26)Damon Wrote: I have a dim memory of Devialet changing their distribution system in North America; was that about 18 months ago?  I have no idea what it changed to, if it did actually change. HiFi Centre here is the biggest Naim dealer, and they added Devialet about .... two years ago? I wonder if they will now stop carrying it. I haven't been there for three years so I don't really know their attitude towards Devialet. They are, or were, very big on Naim and Macintosh.

I think that Plurison also did the Canadian, or North American, upgrade and repair work for Devialet. I'd be interested to know about the service side of things on our continent.

Hi Damon - Plurison was sold,

my dealer indicated any issues with my 250 or 220 would need to go back to Devialet France.

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(27-Mar-2019, 20:02)K4680 Wrote: Hello, in Germany there is no importer for Devialet anymore! Sale and service is all directly through Devialet in France (statement of my dealer) !! Sad

Sure ? There are still some flagship stores and dealers like this
And here, in Frankfurt/m:
And i Copenhagen we have a store who sell devialet and do that In many years.
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I think this is an issue of distribution, at a national level, rather than individual dealers. I expect Devialet dealers to remain to to deal with Devialet in France directly for getting products, and for service and repairs.
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