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Clearaudio concept wood with mc concept
Hi felllas,
After so many tweaks done lately including ethernet cable, power supply for modem router, switch, acoustics..i wasn t soo sure wich route i should heads on.
The choice was between a digital source or analogue source.
My choice after reading so many guys here and so many reviews, was for the dcs network bridge, beeing a single box and giving a good step up from ROON/AIR wich in my system sounds very good with 99% reliability.
And for analogue source i was keen for the concept from clearaudio.
The choice was so difficult for me specialy, because i never owned a tt and i m not sure i will like the hole rituel.
Long story short, i was offered a very good deal wich i couldn’t resist on the concept wood +mc concept cardrige.
What i can say, i like the sound. It s different, more organic, more texture.
The most obvious difference, is highs :are so sweet, so real.drums feels real with good extension.
First lps bought were:dark side of the moon
Norah jones and daft punk ram.
Enjoying so far!
I have couple questions though:
Is the phono in the devialet needs break in?
I just selected mc concept on the configurator, should i do other settings?
The ic from the tt have a ground connector wich i connected to the rear of the ground connection of my devialet, is it correct?

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I’ll answer your last question. Your ground connection is good. Thereafter, what TT, arm and cartridge are you using? That info would be really helpful.
Assuming that you own a Clearaudio Concept MC Phono cartridge, then choosing that in the Configurator as your default settings for the phono cartridge is a great starting point, you can always tune it later if you so desire.

I don't believe, IMHO that the phono input on the Devialet will need any break in. It is more likely that your cartridge may break in for a while. Did your dealer set up the turntable and cartridge for you?

Oh, and congratulations on your purchase, "Wish You Were Here" is another fine sounding lp from Pink Floyd.
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Hi, i bought the concept wood, verify tonearm , mc concept cardridge.
And the tt comes adjusted from the dealer.

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I bought today the lp of one of my favorite artist otis redding.
I heard his albums in different formats: cd; flac; high res even cassette but at that time i wasn t so into hifi stuff.
What i m trying to say is; i never could enjoy otis music the way i m enjoying today listening to this lp.
Otis voice so clear and real; intruments also; very real with textures.
In high res you feel the music compressed; not with lp.
Very happy with my purchase,

(Router+ modem + switch with upgraded ifi ps) /macbookpro- rooncore/ server-AIR/ROON ethernet.
Linksys switch-aq vodka ethernet-Devialet200 /frw 10.1.0-power cord burmester: vde reg nr9990
Power conditionner:isotek sirius evo3+isotek sequel pc
Spkr cables: acoustic zen satori
Speakers:wilson audio sabrina
@samsoum  Out of curiosity, what phono cable do you use to connect your Clearaudio TT to your Devialet? Personally a fan of Audio Sensibility - good value, IMHO.
Roon ROCK on Intel NUC6i5SYH/Ethernet | VPI Avenger | Devialet 440 Pro CI | Vivid Audio Giya G3 | Auralic Aires Mini | Synology 1812+ NAS
Hi baddog,
I m using the standard phono cable bought with the tt.
It feels and looks good though.
The quality of the cable is very satisfactory!
Do you mean by changing that cable i should expect better sound?
I know that changing the ps is very beneficial also to sq.

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If you are happy with the sound then I would not suggest changing it out for another. My turntable did not come with one, and based on reviews and especially user comments, the Audio Sensibility phone cable was highly regarded by VPI TT owners.
Roon ROCK on Intel NUC6i5SYH/Ethernet | VPI Avenger | Devialet 440 Pro CI | Vivid Audio Giya G3 | Auralic Aires Mini | Synology 1812+ NAS
I've been using this TT with my 120 for about 2 years now and love it. I just had to replace the cartridge after it got damaged by one of our visitors, but apart from this incident, this set up has been working as a charm.
To answer your questions:
- the TT came out of the box fully set up (thanks Clearaudio!). No need to adjust the tonearm or counterweight - note that I don't use any mat
- I never changed any of the default settings in the Expert configurator (just selected the ones specific to this TT)
- I used the default cables provided with the turntable, which seem to be of very good quality for this product range
- I don't remember any change in the listening experience that would sound like "break-in".
- both the amp and the TT are plugged to the same (very basic) power input (I leave in a century-old building...), and I'm amazed that I'm not getting any sort of interference

I'm fortunate to have access to some pretty cool LP stores here in NYC, and use the TT with a combination of new vinyls as well as used ones (some clearly worn...) and overall the 120 and Concept Wood MC do a very good job. I would definitely recommend to use clean vinyls, and as much as possible some of audiophile-grade quality.

I just had to disable the WiFi input on the 120 when I got the turntable, as it would lead to pretty bad interference with the analog input. I've been trying since a few days to use it again after an upgrade of the 120 firmware, with the WiFi set to be disabled when the analog input is in use... so far so good.
Devialet 120 + Atohm GT1 (SE?) + Clearaudio Concept Wood (MM)
French - NYC

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