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Connect two Devs
Hello everyone,

I have today a 220 but soon will be the proud owner of a 440 Pro CI.

So the question for was how to connect the two units. From the Munich 2018 thread I know that Devialet suggested on the sideline that RCA-RCA came recommended by them instead of the RCA-AES/EBU. Reason for that is not yet clear, could be for convenience instead of audio quality.

But, of course, when you are in my situation and you need to buy a cable anyway, then you want to buy the right one. So I am wondering if there is someone out there that in the meantime compared both ways wrt sound quality and could share his/her findings.


I'm also running two 220 Pros as a 440 Pro and have tried both the RCA-RCA connection as well as the RCA-AES/EBU connection. To be honest, I could not hear a difference so I chose to keep things simple and go with the RCA-RCA connection. I also run all my inputs to the Master. I do know that some people ran in to some issues with the choice of RCA-AES/EBU cable used. Impedance can become an issue I believe. A standard digital RCA-RCA cable is 75ohm.
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I’ve setup my 440 today for the first time. It was pretty simple. I just tweaked my previous config by adding another 220 and making both mono. I downloaded each config file on a SD card. The one 220 turns into the master and the other into a slave. I had an old (cheap) Ixos rca to rca coax in a drawer. I scratched it out and used it to connect the two. It worked without a problem. I’m not sure what benefits a real audiophile grade cable will bring.

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Good point. I actually do not remember having read any thread on this forum that discusses the sound quality based on the cable that connects the master and slave. In fact, to me it is not even clear about what the two units communicate (a real master/slave set-up or do they work a bit in parallel, e.g., if you use AIR are you then streaming to both units individually and do they only sync on clock or is the master that passes all signals to the slave). One setting would make a case for investing in a good cable while the other will not.
At one time, RCA->AES connection was favored because AES input was considered superior to RCA for Devialet. There's a long thread on connector cables and people have tried RCA->AES cables from multiple vendors. CableDyne seemed to be the favorite along with more budget friendly DH-110.

It was all before Devialet recently recommended RCA->RCA cable. Better cable might make a difference depending on your system. from what I have read on this forum, master passes all signals to slave
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RCA cables are labeled with direction. I would reckon it is best to connect all inputs onto the Master.
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