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Customer support of very low quality
You speakers sound nicely, but after having boght them, customer support is of very low quality. I updated the speaker software and still have BT problems. Why can't the speaker connect automatically to my iPhone or iPad when I turn it on like all other BT speakers do?

Another issue: when I search for a certain term within Devialet Chat, I get the answer: Thank you, your search has been submitted and you will now be taken to the results list. Then, after one or two minutes, I receive a time out message. This has been going on for weeks. This is such a basic thing!
Not sure how your complaints help anyone???

There is no official representative from Devialet on forum. The admin, moderators are volunteers. 

I have had no problems with the search. Have you tried different browsers? Have you cleared the browser cache?  Does it happen at different times of the day?

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