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(14-Aug-2018, 07:48)angenet Wrote: Thx a lot Jean Marie..

That’s mean I was right to stick with silver... as i’m Not convinced that the upgrading to gold give me more really...

You are welcome. 

I agree that the power difference between the gold and the silver is not the deciding factor for me. 

In my opinion, the titanium tweeter on the gold is the most significant difference between the two models. 

MacBookPro -> Air -> WiFi -> PLC -> Ethernet -> Devialet 220pro (upgraded from 120) -> AperturA Armonia
I tested this afternoon the Devialet Phantom Gold, and you want to know what I think? (be careful I am direct)
Obviously, yes. You are on a forum. No need to be obtuse.

If you want to tell us, please do. If not, that's fine too.
(14-Aug-2018, 20:44)booshtukka Wrote: Obviously, yes. You are on a forum. No need to be obtuse.

If you want to tell us, please do. If not, that's fine too.

I went this afternoon to finally test the speakers Devialet and when I tested in the space of 2 minutes the silver and the gold the choice was very fast to continue my test on the gold. 
The Gold is very much clearer than the silver so the test starts with the Gold at 2590 €. 
To start the sound on the ghost Gold is really clear the powerful bass does not deteriorate the clarity of the mediums, but I felt that it was missing something as if there were mediums but no treble. 
Then and there it may be angry she does anything but 4500 watts and besides I do not even know if "FUND" it reaches 1000. 
I have this afternoon appreciated to listen to music with the gold but I do not think to put 2590 € to own the monster because she is very beautiful she has a beautiful sound but in the sound that I heard it is missing something and the power is not at the rendezvous as it is written everywhere speaking of Devialet speakers. 
In conclusion, the Phantom gold has a push design and the sound is very appreciable power and very satisfactory in relation to the smallness of the product, but talking about 4500 W can make people believe that is going to happen something phenomenal and that can ruin the demonstration. 

In sound quality I recommend it at home to listen to music it will remain very valuable and I do not think there is a similar product that makes portable Bluetooth Wifi etc this size with this quality because for me it is not a UFO but it is surprising anyway. 

I am not an audiophile but I like the sound and I just tell you that I lived this afternoon, thank you for reading me.
Did you listen to 1 Phantom (mono) or to two in stereo?
Yes indeed and the difference is as important 1 only does not really offer the richness of two gold and to say I do not know if once listened to both in stéreo buy one will be difficult I admit.
The stereo listening impression enhances the power a lot, but also the quality of "listening".
But in mono the gold is a lot better than a sliver in mono.

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