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D440 Pro Configuration Pre-Out Stereo
(14-Nov-2018, 22:49)thumb5 Wrote: Oh, you still want to connect speakers to the D440?  When you said "use it as a pre-amp" I assumed you meant it wasn't being used as a power amp as well.  Might I ask what the DA30 will drive, then?

Yes I forgot to tell you that my D440 and JADIS DA30 are connected to the same speakers. But I want to have the choice to:

Use Devialet as a Phono Pre-amplifier for the DA 30 to play vinyls records
Use also Devialet as an amplifier for my turntable or streaming digital music thru Qobuz

But no worry, thanks to you I can now listen to vinyls with my new D220 linked to my DA30, i'm happy;-), even if I have to disconnect some cables (Speakers dans Chain).

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