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DOS 2.9.0
(26-Feb-2020, 07:31)invictus005 Wrote: I don’t give a shit about people having stability issues, or crackles in some piano sounds. These last two firmwares and especially the latest one has seriously downgraded the sound quality of a $6000 flagship product. Devialet, you better seriously and quickly get your act together and correct this mess immediately. Or start refunding. Consider this a final warning.
If you want to warn Devialet, contact customer service. This forum has no affiliation with Devialet.
Living room: 2x Gold Phantom, Remote.
Den: Kii Three with Control.
Update on my DOS2 experience.

After the initial pain of getting to DOS2 the system had been fairly stable. I had not needed a single re-setup since doing a factory reset after upgrading to DOS2.  I saw the sytem take at least one update to 2.85.  After that it seemed to have expected SQ but was not nearly as stable as Spark/DOS1, but functional in that it would not require a complete reset every time it was used. 

Had a run of 3 or 4 weeks where the Devialet gear only needed a restart about once a week and everything would come up and work well without any resets, incantantations or chicken bones needed.

Last night noticed one or both speakers were restarting several times. Heard a short start up or shut down not sure what sounds mean what any more... sound several times.  About every 2 or 3 minutes one or the other was making a start up or shut down sound.  The system was idle at that point and i was watching a movie so left it alone for a few hours until looking closer.  I noticed the right phantom and dialog were now running 2.9.  But the left phantom was still running 2.85.

Trying to check for updates produced either an update is available but then failed to connect to the speaker. with the direction to "pull the mains" and try again.
Intermittently it would tell me everything was up to date but checking in the app or the speakers web page shows 2.85. 
I suspect that was telling me everything is up to date when the trouble speaker was not fully booted up.
Went in circles 4 or 5 times like this and gave up.

Now today - the left speaker is a brick.  No sounds or reactions whatsoever.

I'm afraid to say/think -  if your app tells you to pull the mains it may be a bad move....

I've reported it to Customer Service.

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