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Delay on a stable version of Core Infinity
I visit this web site once a week. But whenever I visit the forum, I see people complaining about delays, postponed hardware upgardes, software releases with bugs. etc. I also have Devalet 200. In Turkiye, the upgrade process for Expert series to new Pro series has not even started yet due to tax problem(The upgraded devices with new serials numbers would be taxes as if they were new imported). Therefore, the main distributor company in Turkey has agreed with Devialet to start the upgrade program for their customers with a special process using upgrade kits which makes all devices be upgraded in Turkiye. But as a pre-condition, the streamer boards should be ready and included in the upgrade kit in order to announce the upgrade problem public. Shortly, there is also great delay for Devialet Upgrade program even to Pro series without boards in Turkey.

As a software architect, I started thinking that either their software developers are not skillful and fast enough or their main software framework that they use for the hardware programming was not well designed initially which makes the development process more buggy(with more bugs than it should be) and hard to develop. In any case, as far as I see, Devialet is not a successful company to deliver qood quality softwares for their hardwares within a reasonable time. I think we will face with more delays for the promised software release dates in the future unless they restructure their internal development and design processes.
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Had a visit by my dealer and tried the alpha software. Phono is instabile, AirPlay is fine by via Spotify and Tidal. WiFi was installed by WAC. Over all nice future

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