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Devialet Expert 140 Pro Review in HiFi Plus
After seeming to take a break from allowing periodicals to review its Expert line of products, Devialet are making up for lost time, with reviews in WhatHiFi, Stereo and now HiFi Plus, see the just out Awards edition.

The reviewer, Alan Sircom, explains about the fact that upgrades are available even to owners of original models and opines in the second paragraph, that "Few other brands treat their existing customers so well".

Alan is not a believer in the "Someday everyone will own a Devialet" and thinks that most of the people who want a Devialet Expert already have one and that a significant chunk of Devialets business derives from upgrades.

Sounds like we are locked in Chaps! Start saving for your next upgrade now.

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I think from talking to dealers there were a lot of 250/200/400 sales in the early days from people moving on from Naim in particular. I think that's slowed significantly as there are only so many of them (and possibly the Nova has taken some Devialet sales too).

As Alan Sircom says, ,Devialet have been fantastic in their support and upgrades - I really hope they find a way to keep doing this!
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As was my case, I simply did not know anything about devialet as an integrated amp maker until just a few months ago. My 1st introduction to the devialet brand was on the “$3,000” Bluetooth speaker that I came across on YouTube. At the time, I thought the speaker looked cool but I could not see myself spending 3,000 on one speaker to stream with my iPhone or pc, so I quickly forgot about the brand. Then recently when I was looking to add a 2 channel listening setup, and reading the audiogon forums for used Mac gear, I stumbled across the devialets and started my research. I quickly discovered their great reviews and small sleek footprint and knew it was what I wanted.

I’m glad devialet has the upgrade program because to be honest I would have never spent the 10k+ for a new unit. I found the used market an appealing option to get into the brand and then make it “new”with a future upgrade.

I don’t live in a city that has any devialet dealers or stores, and unless you do, then I don’t know how any new buyers can be aware of their product line. I don’t recall once seeing any advertisement for anything except their speaker line.

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