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Devialet Expert Promotion May 2020
Hi guys,

Just to make you aware of a Devialet promotion of Expert 140 bundle with Atohm GT1 speakers with cost saving.

£4990 (5500Euros)

Any questions please call 

Chris Fuller +447831885781  Mobile
Devialet dealer in Windsor Berkshire UK
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Wink Wink
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The Netherlands
(01-May-2020, 14:03)Antoine Wrote: Wink Wink

Hey fair enough - Angel - it's a Devialet promotion not ours and for the good of helping Devialet to stay afloat we thought it was a reasonable statement and people can ignore it. Without Devialet sales is there a DevialetChat forum? Stay safe
Devialet dealer in Windsor Berkshire UK
Devialet | Kudos | Linn | Naim | Kudos | Totem
If it is forbidden, it should be forbidden for everyone including If it is a Devialet promotion , you had better give direct or referral links to domain. Otherwise, it is somehow marketing in my opinion.
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