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Devialet Expert Remote
(18-Jul-2018, 20:49)ogs Wrote: I suppose we'll have to take this as a sign from Devialet that they are serious about the new focus on Expert amplifiers. What was said at the OAC event "...refresh the iOS application to make it comparable to the hardware remote control" is important, but giving the app a new name is not worth much so maybe they should have fixed at least one bug when they where at it. The app has priority after RAAT and Bluetooth. We'll see..

This appears to be more than just a name change, I have updated the app on the iOS devices that were previously very unstable with the remote app, and they both now work, 100% stable, perfect.  Well done Devialet!  Maybe things are getting better! Shy
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I've tried the app a little bit this afternoon. I usually use the remote, but the app is certainly useful some times. The app doesn't track volume settings. Is seems to loose control of where the volume setting (dB number) is. Mute on/off at the remote is not reflected on the app. If I mute on the app, the amplifier still plays. The input switching works though. Maybe a reset of the amp is necessary to obtain 'sync' again? Android only here...
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I'm not sure, but believe the entrance Spotify is also new. Shy
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