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Devialet app
Still waithing that dev give us a better app who Can control everything . Angel
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(12-Apr-2019, 21:43)Finn Wrote: Still waithing that dev give us a better app who Can control everything . Angel

A new DOS operating system and firmware/app is in development. Announced in late 2018 and not expected until later this year. Will control all devices.
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I imagine not all devices, old non-Pro Experts will surely be excluded, and even Pro Experts without Core Infinity upgrade could be left out?
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New app to control everything and to set all the config parameters without writing the SD card.
the remote App for Devialet amps is totally Mickey Mouse.
It's a pity the won't open up an SDK for developers. There is massive potential, from room (that is room not roon) correction adjustments to setting the bypass options on the fly. (damn even getting an SD card copied is a bit of a pain these days). I asked for this 4 yrs ago, but there's been no reply...
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Keep pushing them via email! And tell them others / the whole community is annoyed too.
It’s a shame to must use this outdated piece of app :-(
The app stopped working, asking for an upgrade

Since then, it won’t connect, giving the message that a Devialet cannot be found

I checked the SD card and the SSID and password is correct


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