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Devialet state ‘no further development’ for ‘classic’ (pre Pro CI) Expert line.
(16-Jul-2018, 14:44)Eddye Wrote: It's not totally surprising, but I think it would have been common courtesy to have released said statement during the last upgrade program. Perhaps then I would have made the choice to upgrade. I do hope the upgrade program will indeed reopen (and I'll be able to afford the upgrade...)

Quite agree, but now the new cost of upgrade is an extra £2000 if I’m not mistaken.  I had bought a 250 Companion whilst the upgrade programme was on, assuming I would upgrade a little later.  Not happy when they closed it, got no information from Devialets to when they would reopen it, and now the extra cost - disappointment personified.
(17-Jul-2018, 03:49)agentsmith Wrote: I followed the Core Infinity upgrade path despite my hesitation about the incremental cost Vs the residual resale value of my D440.  The main reason was to keep up to date with the hardware platform for fear that they would eventually, may be years later, cease support of the un-upgraded unit, or offer some new features only to the latest and greatest upgraded units.

But I never anticipated them to pull their support so soon, considering the price of the units and the fact that the old units still had some bugs to be cleared out.

More importantly, one of the allure of the "Evo" platform was the upgradability when compared with traditional audio equipment.

Comparatively, the dCS Debussy which I bought almost 8 years ago nut no longer own, had been continuously upgraded with the following history:

2008: Max PCM rate 24/96 only
2011: Support for USB Class 2 up to 24/192.  Requires hardware upgrade, $200 USD ONLY!!!!
2013: DSD64 /DoP support via USB, AES or Dual AES
Mid 2013: Same support in SPDIF as well
2018: 24/352.8, 24/384 and DSD/128 in DoP format, dCS-encrypted DSD/64 (from SACD transport)

More upcoming upgrades to come including MQA support.

All that over a period of almost  decade, with only one hardware upgrade costing only US$200, hardly covering the hardware and handling cost.  I even had a technician travelling to Hong Kong coming to my home, doing upgrades for multiple customers.

Comparatively, the Core Infinity upgrade cost seems more like another incremental revenue opportunity, if I recall correctly costing almost half the cost of a unit.

Also of note is dCS engineers participate in the forums directly and actively, and responds to forum and support tickets are typically within hours.  Communication on upcoming updates has always been upfront and no BS.

All I can say is I will not have any hesitation to buy any new products from dCS, I will be a loyal customer forever.  WRT Devialet, have to think about that one.
That’s what I call service - my dealings with dCS support fantastic- as opposed to Devialet Who now require 72 business hours to reply to a question I posed re the upgrade programme (to my reckoning that’s 2 weeks!  And if I have further questions to their response do I have to wait a further 2 weeks?

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