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Deviousalet's System
Great insights thanks. I went from 802 D3 down to 803 D3 which fit the listening position even better. How would you rate them in view of Robin Hood combo bi-wire? The Zero has 15AWG and the Bass has also 15AWG - so no good idea? It's of course a matter if the Thunderbird combo is performing 3times better what the price difference to the Thunderbird combo would be about.

On the ethernet cables I got a Supra CAT7 till now, but your input keeps my trying an upgrade here too Smile
From my experience I would suggest that the 803d3 needs a larger-gauge speaker cable than 12AWG (or 15AWG doubled in bi-wire). I would guess that while superior technology, such as Audioquest Zero, would improve the details the bass will be quite lacking compared to what's achievable with an older but larger cable. So I'd suggest an older series, buying used, or whatever way you can afford something larger than 12AWG in total (larger than two runs of 15AWG if bi-wired). I'm not minimizing the improvement of the latest technology, but am thoroughly impressed by the increase in bass I got from larger-gauge cables.

Ethernet cables make a far smaller difference than the speaker cables or link cable, but there's ample opportunity for tweaking there if you enjoy that. Some people hear no difference, which is very convenient for the budget. I enjoy tweaking occasionally as part of the hobby, but that's preference. I enjoy hearing the small improvements I can get, but mostly enjoy listening to music. Some differences, like the massive increase in bass (quantity and quality) I got from larger speaker cables, increase my enjoyment of the music much more than little tweaks.
Oh just realized got my sentence wrong - should be:
It's of course a matter if the Thunderbird combo is performing 3times better what the price difference to the Robin Hood combo would be about.
Sure the more you step up in the speaker cable hierarchy the better performance you get. But price / value/performance ratio is also something I have to consider - budget restricting me on various areas.
I got it. That's why I'm recommended trying thicker gauge instead of the latest technology. I wouldn't recommend the Thunderbird as the most cost-effective upgrade (they're silly expensive), and might prefer Aspen (old but thick) to Robin Hood (new but thin). I'm interested what you find, but that's the way it plays out in my system.

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