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Different model specifications of DAC/amplifier
Being a new Devialet owner, I am confused by the different models that have been available and are available today

Is there a list somewhere which shows...

Year of issue.  Model number.   Inputs.   Outputs.   Maximum power into 6 ohms.   Upgradability optiond

For instance, the difference between a regular model and an "expert" model


Cape Town - South Africa
Chris, I posted this a while ago but have added a few extra notes to clarify, it should answer some of your questions.

Devialet D-Premier - The original, very similar to the Expert 250 but lacks the Expert's high powered "Evo" engine, which allows features like SAM etc. (can be upgraded to 250Pro CI)

The original Expert range: (From 2013)

D120 (first released as D110, then became D120 after a firmware update) Can be upgraded to 140Pro CI or 220Pro CI
D200, which can be D400 dual mono (First released as the D170, then became D200 after a firmware update) Can be upgraded to 220Pro CI
D250, which can be D800 dual mono (first released as the D240 / D500, then became D250 / D800 after a firmware update) Can be upgraded to 250Pro CI

2015 - The limited edition Original D'Atelier - A "D900" somewhere between the Expert D800 and the 1000Pro, most have now been upgraded by Devialet "for free" to have the full spec 1000Pro innards and CI board. So is now a very nice looking copper gold 1000Pro CI.

The new Pro range: (From 2016, improved sound quality, more power & CI Board)

130 Pro (now upgraded to 140Pro via firmware update, can now be D210 dual mono)
220 Pro, which can be 440 Pro dual mono
250 Pro, which can be 1000 Pro dual mono

I think the inputs on most models are similar. The D-Premier had HDMI I think, and the 120/140 models have less inputs, but the 200, 220 and 250's are the same.
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Thank you. Do you know where I can find out what the maximum Sample Rate of DSD files that can be played?

Cape Town - South Africa
(22-Sep-2018, 16:56)chrisc Wrote: Thank you.  Do you know where I can find out what the maximum Sample Rate of DSD files that can be played?

At present the maximum rate is DSD 64
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Great summary here. I can kinda see two generations of products here:

The Dxxx range from 2013 and the xxx Pro range from 2016. What's the difference in terms of functionalities such as streaming services compatibilities and data format support?

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