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Different volume for phono vs line level
I have two inputs to my D140 which require very different gain settings to achieve similar listening volume. Streaming via Roon over ethernet, volume setting is around -25db for normal listening. Analogue phono input needs to be turned up to about 0db to achieve similar volume. My cartridge output is .4mV with the phono gain setting at .5mV in the configurator. 

Anyone else experiencing something similar? If normal, I'll leave it alone, but it seems odd.
That doesn't sound right at all, to me.  When you say the phono stage is set for .5 mV input, do you mean 500 uV (obviously the same, but as far as I can see the configurator doesn't accept input of 0.5 in the mV range so wanted to avoid the possibility of doubt...).  What cartridge are you using, and could you post an image of your phono settings?
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Thanks for the reply. You are correct about the uV vs mV but I think I have that set correctly. I've attached .pdf of the config screen but not sure how to view it on this site.
Cart is a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC. The VU meter shows phono input in the 60-40 db range, basically middle of the scale.

.pdf   Dev Config.pdf (Size: 63.63 KB / Downloads: 17)
Yep, the set-up looks OK to me. Tentatively I'd have to conclude that the phono stage isn't providing the gain it's configured for or the cartridge isn't producing the rated output. Either way I'd probably just increase the gain (i.e. reduce the "Max level") in steps until the volume level is better balanced with the other inputs, keeping an eye on the meter to make sure it's not clipping. From what you've said you might end up with the maximum gain (100 uV max level).
Roon (Mac Mini), Wilson Benesch Full Circle, Expert 1000 Pro CI, Kaiser Chiara
Warwickshire, UK
I'm having a similar issue.

I just set up my Thorens TD-160 with a Nagaoka MP-150 cartridge on phono 2 using the defaults for that cart. I'm finding there's a 5-6 db difference in volume between using Phono as a source and using Digital 2 to play CDs originating from an Audiolab CDT6000. Digital 2 is louder. 

I've got an immense amount to learn about this hobby. I'd appreciate it if someone would explain why that is so. If you need more information from me, I'm happy to supply it.
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