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Dismantling a Devialet Phantom, it can be done
Devialet says they cannot be repaired/dismantled without specialist tools. This guy shows that it can be done with normal tools.
It look like a ford cortina.
eladeb Wrote:Seriously?
It look like a ford cortina.

A Ford Cortina?  Why pick on the poor old Cortina?  I initially found this comment to be highly offensive, but later appreciated it was probably a throwaway comment and I may have misinterpreted your meaning.  Angel  

Maybe it was actually a compliment for the old Fords?  They are relatively easy to fix in comparison to many cars of the era, and certainly easier to fix than any modern equivalent.  Perhaps that was your point?

You may not realise that I do have a bit of thing for Ford Cortina's, very fine cars they are.  (the few that are left, most rusted or fell to pieces years ago)

As it happens, I know enough about them to perhaps be a bit of an expert for fixing them.  Maybe I should see if can translate this old skill into modern day Phantom fixing? Shy
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