Poll: As of 1st May 2020 - Were you aware of Devialet's advice to create new configurations from scratch?
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8 20.51%
25 64.10%
No - but I had Configuration issues and worked this out the hard way
6 15.38%
Total 39 vote(s) 100%
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Dual Mono users - Advice to create new configurations from scratch
daniel.avasilichioaei Wrote:Ok I understand. But what is the purpose of the "1st of May 2020"? What is so special about this date?
Devialet is just as good or bad, regardless of whether a user found out about the configuration from scratch before or after 1st of May 2020.
For example, I voted "Yes" because I knew long before that date. But, honestly, I have no idea where I found out (if I read here in the forum, if Devialet ever told me or if I deduced myself)...

Nothing particularly special about 1st of May, but the information that it is Devialet's advice for dual mono users to create new configurations from scratch was clearly posted on this forum on 10th May 2020.  So I chose the date as a simple way of eliminating positive "yes" responses from those that had only recently read the very clear posts on the topic during early May.

In other words, did you know about this before reading here over the last couple of weeks, or not?

In your particular case, I agree it does not matter when you found out, but how you found out is relevant.  Personally, I do not recall reading this advice on this forum (prior to the recent posts), although I may have missed it of course?  Can anyone else recall reading it on this forum prior to the very recent posts on the topic?

Thinking about it, there might have been a better way of conducting the poll, but nothing I can do about that now.  Plus, it does not matter too much, so far most that have voted that they did not know, so the only piece of missing information is how exactly those that did those that did know, without "learning it the hard way" it actually find out? 

I had assumed in my third voting option that this would only be by experiencing configuration issues, and then working out for yourself, or maybe finding out from Devialet support, but then this would still count as working out the hard way if you experienced configuration issues that required contacting Devialet in the first place.

My apologies if this is all a little confusing.
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