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Dynamic Range Compression
I'll probably be crucified by the purists for asking for this..

One feature that would be great to have is configurable dynamic range compression. Particularly for home theater.

Sometimes I like to watch movies at night when other people in the house are sleeping so I can't play it too loud. The problem is that some movies have a huge dynamic range. The result is that at normal listening levels the music and special effects are loud but the dialogue is so quiet as to be unintelligible. The only 2 solutions for watching a movie here are giving up on being able to hear speech and using subtitles, or dynamic range compression to raise the lows and decrease the highs. Some quick googling will show many people complaining about this problem.

I would guess this functionality should be rather trivial to implement in software using Devialet's powerful DSP capabilities. It would also need to be configurable on the remote to easily turn it on and off. Even better would be to have the ability to tune the amount of compression in real time using the remote dial, as different movies would likely need different settings.

This is a rare feature that you almost never see implemented in hifi and ht gear. It might give a small market edge giving potential buyers another reason to choose Devialet.
The expert range sort of already has this, it's called ICM.
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(15-Nov-2016, 18:22)Soniclife Wrote: The expert range sort of already has this, it's called ICM.

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