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EMI-shielding and DC filtering. Devialet 1000Pro installation.

New user, and new Devialet owner J
I´m not 100% sure that I will use my new 1000Pros together. But I plan to do an in wall electric installation that can accommodate both units.

I´m planning an esthetically minimalistic installation, with hidden cables in my new OCC-cable / wall mounted Devialet setup. I live in a 230-250Volt, Schuko socket world.

I will use 1 meter of Wireworld Silver Electra to each Devialet between the wall sockets and the Devialet units. Then an in-wall installation with about 2.5/3 meters each of Electra 7 cables between the Furutech Rhodium Schuko wall sockets and AHP Klangmodul III fuse-holders. There will be three fuse-holders. A dedicated line to each 1000Pro and a third to front end components. The in wall fuse-holder to front end cable will probably be a thinner OCC cable, the Furutech FP-3TS20.

There is enough space in my distribution box to install 3 AHP Klangmodul III fuse-holders BUT I´m thinking of going another route… I´m planning to install the three AHP Klangmodul III fuse-holders in a separate cast aluminum terminal box instead.

There are three reasons for that:
A little bit more physical separation between the electric audio installation and the power distribution grid can´t hurt, right…
Better EMI shielding around the AHP Klangmodul units, compared to a placement in my general distribution box.
A dedicated aluminum terminal box can easily be ordered big enough so that it has space to house a DC current “trap”.

Now to my questions:
Am I overthinking this solution? If there isn´t any real benefit in using a separate terminal box for my audio fuse-holders I will just install the fuse-holders in my distribution box. I am especially curious to hear what you have to say about my thoughts of EMI shielding and a DC current “trap” in the terminal box, before distributing the current to the three fuse-holders. I only have 16A to “play with” from my distribution box to the aluminum terminal box. Those 16A can´t be dynamically constrained by a DC “trap”/filter in any way. If dynamic limits to my 240V/16A can´t be avoided with a DC filter then I will not install it.

Do you have any suggestions in how to buy/build a dynamically non limiting DC filter that can handle 16A/240Volt and be installed in the aluminum terminal?

Best regards   Ulf
Hi there Ulf, and welcome to the forum.
Your setup will look very special with no visible cables. I’m not an electrical expert, so can’t advise you, but there are several names on here that spring to mind who would, I’m sure, be only too ready and willing to help you.
Good luck with the installation! Be sure to post some pictures when you’ve finished. Smile
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Thanks for the welcoming Axel Smile But no, this solution actually won´t be so free from visible cables. It seems that I “have to” use the short Silver Electras due to its slim factory casted IEC. Going for Wireworlds 24x6mm outer profile makes it difficult to find a “lid on”IEC-connector that can be hand terminated directly to my long cobber Electras in a pleasing way. For instance, the Furutech FI-C15 ® NCF only has 18mm between she screws that keeps the connector together. Therefore I have a hard time going straight from Klangmodul fuse-holders, via wall, into Devialet.

I´m aware of that I can achieve EMI /RFI shielding with a plastic terminal box. Aluminum was more an expression of personal preference and not really an important criteria. I will need to know if it´s a good idea to implement a DC “trap” before deciding on box size and material. Supra makes one, but I don´t want something with sockets. Supra: “No dampened dynamics - Audible true dynamics”…

I´m more thinking in the line of using the highest possible quality electric components, that are quite beefy, soldered together and mounted in an industrial quality terminal box. The same shielded box that will house the three audio grade fuse holders.
If it´s easier to construct a DC “trap”/blocker that needs to handle less Watt/Amp then it´s an alternative to mount three blockers instead. But the thought is one blocker on the “grid side” of the fuse holders. But then the components/electric construction must be able to at least handle the energy (dynamics...) corresponding to a 240V/16A "slow" fuse.


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