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Expert 200 BlueSound / Sonos latency
Aspiring owner of a pre-owned Expert 200 here (not Pro).

I'm thinking of using a Bluesound Node 2i into the 200 via Coaxial. 

The Bluesound setup would be with a Bluesound Pulse 2i in the adjacent kitchen.  Most of the day my music listening would be grouped as I'm moving around.  Both rooms are within earshot of each other.

Has anyone got a Bluesound or Sonos setup where they're combining an Expert with other Bluesound / Sonos speakers - Is there a noticeable latency through the digital input?
Hello @el_pedro, and welcome to the forum.

[Edited after I checked my e-mail archive...]

I used to use this kind of set-up with an Expert in one room, and a Sonos in the neighbouring room.  It worked fine, with no noticeable latency.  Actually before I bought the Expert I asked Devialet what the latency was from digital inputs to speaker outputs, and this was their reply:

Quote:The latency between digital inputs and audio output depends on the sampling rates. It goes as follows:

Fs (kHz)   Tpd (ms)
  44.1       5.0
  48.0       4.6
  88.2       3.4
  96.0       3.2
 176.4       2.6
 192.0       2.5

 (It is approximately equal to 138 sample periods + 1.8 ms for all sampling frequencies between 44.1 and 192 kHz.)

Bear in mind that this was back in 2011 so things may have changed since then as the firmware has evolved.

Back in the day, Devialet were very responsive to that kind of technical question. Nostalgia sure ain't what it used to be...
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I cannot fully answer to your question (I don't use a Bluesound or Sonos wireless speaker) but I have the Node 2i driving an Expert 120 via coaxial and I'm extremely happy with sound and control convenience.
I did an A/B comparison vs my Macbook Pro via USB, and there was no noticeable difference in sound quality.
Thanks!  I'm trying to figure out whether a used D200 would make more sense over the NAD M33 or similar.  (Need to simplify the audio system a little bit so that my girlfriend and family are happy using it as well.)

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