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External DAC anyone??
Newbie here.
I know that D200 have a very fine internal DAC; however, on another system at home, I use a Matrix X-Sabre / SPDIF DAC with a Cronus Magnum III valve amplifier (Rogue Audio) and my source is an Intel NUC managed by Roon.
Is there a way to by-pass the D200 internal DAC so I can use my X-Sabre/SPDIF??
Is it better to go direct via USB from my NUC? 
I have several DSD files I would like to enjoy at max resolution.
Regards and be safe.

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(12-Oct-2021, 16:38)esrb Wrote: Is there a way to by-pass the D200 internal DAC so I can use my X-Sabre/SPDIF??

In short: no, there isn't.  The DAC is an integral part of the amplifier's output stage.

You can use an external DAC into an analog (line) input, which will then be converted back to digital before going through the internal DAC.  If you already have the external DAC, there's no harm in trying it to see whether you prefer it that way.

(12-Oct-2021, 16:38)esrb Wrote: Is it better to go direct via USB from my NUC? 

"Better" is up to you and your ears, so again I'd suggest trying it that way to see which you prefer.  If you enjoy experimenting, you could also try Ethernet from the NUC to the Devialet.

Have fun!
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I never understand how people can prefer external analogue sources (LP, DAC outputs) to straight digital-in to a Devialet. Like it "preserves" the items sound quality. I can't help thinking that the numbers that are generated by injecting them through the ADC *must* be able to be simulated somehow!
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Solved and working: Intel NUC --> USB --> Matrix SPDIF --> I2S --> Matrix X-Sabre Pro --> RCA --> Devialet input.
I did give it a serious try with the Esoteric N-01XD that I suspect may be the best DAC available. If not it's among the very very bests.

And, although the sound produced by the Esoteric in nice, in particular with DSD files, it is still no match with what I am getting with either Air over ethernet though a Melco S10P or - my current set up - the Mutec clocked by a Cybershaft OP21A-D. All based on Sunyata Omega digital interconnects.

Arguably the 2 options I compared the dac above are super optimized so the dac may have fare better vs more generic Devialet configurations.
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