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Firmware 12.2.10
And - at last - I can use the analogue inputs on my slave/companion.This,together with the UK's decision to maintain its FM signals beyond the original cut-off date, means that my Tuner is back in play.
Running the new firmware, I’m getting bad stuttering on DSD 64 and 24/192 albums from my library. 24/96 and FLAC are OK, as is Tidal streaming. Roon Settings are defaults. No DSP etc. Both speakers are stuttering together about 4 time’s a second.
Appreciate that some might not use DSD 64, but the majority of my library is in this format. Can anyone replicate these findings? Any idea how I might stop it? I’ll post a ticket to Devialet but will have to go back to the previous beta firmware, which was stable for me, if it doesn’t stop.
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Regarding this comment in the change log:

Stability issue when adjusting Treble in tone control

Does anyone know what this relates to?  For various reasons I have been fiddling with my treble settings recently and I have to say I have noticed nothing I would describe as a stability issue when adjusting Treble in tone control.

As another question, it looks like the changelog relates to changes addressing bug issues, but is anyone brave enough to declare any sound quality changes?
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These updates were always about sound quality!
I do miss 'em. No more updates for my old machine though...
+1 on some info on SQ!!
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Yes well it's early doors and only about 5 albums in but there does seem to be slight improvement in imaging
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(24-Mar-2018, 10:35)Celts88 Wrote: David

Actually some of my concerns are the opposite.

Perth CI Upgrades are scheduled 3rd / 4th April. Now a new Beta software has just been issued, but again no formal release. If I was really pessimistic and didn't fell comfortable using the new Beta software, with the multitude of conditions that have to be agreed prior to use (the conditions essentially say if the software stuffs up your Expert Pro then no come back on Devialet). With this dis-comfort and unsure using the Beta software and their onerous conditions there's only the 1 commercial CI software release option from 1st December that has multiple bugs. Now going to the next extreme if really want to be super pessimistic and say I don't want to do the CI upgrade just yet and want to wait until the software Beta testing has been fully completed with a new beaut commercial OS being released then Devialet have previously said I don't have a choice as if I don't have the upgrade carried out now in Perth then they won't agree to the upgrade being carried out in France, like the choice other customers have (I was advised this by Devialet support and have it in writing that my only choice is to do the update now, or no choice in the future).

I actually think this is extremely arrogant of Devialet, where the only option I have for my 2 x 250Pro's upgrade is a 2 day window 3rd/4th April. Some may say I'm being 'semantic', but I think this is terrible Devialet forcing my hand to do the upgrade and utilise software that either has multiple bugs, or I have to enter the Beta programme with it's onerous conditions. Maybe myself explaining this might give some an idea of my frustrations with Devialet, and why I'm being so 'semantic' with the current software.

Others may not agree with my thoughts, and that's ok for them, we all have our own opinions, but for Devialet to give me no choice with the CI upgrades really doesn't sit well with myself.


PS by the way I don't think the RC numbers are a typo, and it is in fact a reveres of the candidate version. Maybe they found a problem with RC4 and have rolled back this new software release to RC3 (the firmware is new, and so is the DOS, but the RC is rolled back - could be 3 different strands to the full software release). Could this have something to do with  Apple & Spotify not 'validating' the software - who knows


See Rufus Mcdufus' comment on the RC numbers. RC4 was for OS version 2.1, RC3  is for OS version 2.2. The RC number starts incrementing from 1 again each time the OS version changes. OS 2.1 RC4 comes before OS 2.2 RC3. That explains that one.

Olivier told me that the previous beta, which he installed on my 130 Pro, was very stable and better than the current official release. I'm only using the ethernet input with Roon AIR (Input shows as AIR on the window on the amp) and I've had no problems. Some have mentioned problems with some hi-res formats (192 kHz) but I haven't got any files in that resolution. The 176.4 and 96 kHz files I have seem to play without problems. I'd be prepared to take a bet on the beta. I  haven't upgraded to the new beta because I haven't received an email with the download link as yet but unless I see some negative comments on something which will affect me I will upgrade when they get around to sending me the link.

As for the 2 day window for your upgrade, that's not quite correct. You can upgrade after that but your amps will have to go to France. You've got a choice between getting them done locally in April with a night or two without them or sending them to France at some time and being without them for some weeks, but you're stuck with Olivier's timetable if you want the quick local turnaround.

I was given a 2 day window as well here in Brisbane, and I only got a week's notice of the dates which is less notice than you've been given. It would be nice to have more notice but you're not going to be able to get a longer window because Devialet aren't going to have Olivier sitting around in Perth for longer than the time it takes for him to do the amps that are there and he isn't going back to any location a second time as far as I know. Perhaps Sydney and Melbourne got a longer window than 2 days because there's probably more amps there to be done but he also visited the Gold Coast/Tweed Heads before Brisbane and they only got a day from what I was told. We Australians are all getting one chance to get our amps done locally and it's a tight time frame everywhere. That's a fact of life. It seems that owners in Europe and the US aren't getting that option so I think we've been lucky. We've had to wait till now to get it—I can remember when I thought I had a chance of getting my amp done before Christmas—but we've got it.

If you have concerns about the current state of the firmware for your needs then you can hold off, Devialet aren't forcing your hand, but you will have to send your amps to France, or it might be Hong Kong, for the upgrade when you eventually want to get it. What you can legitimately complain about, and I think many of us including me would feel the same, is why the hardware upgrade is being rolled out before a final release version of the software with with all the promised features is available.

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Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Don't want to get back into it, not fair on everyone my complaining, but I had asked the question twice and both times I was told upgrade only Australia after that nothing. I asked why I couldn't send back to France later and was told no, you're getting the luxury of having the upgrade done local and that was that. Now is it such a surprise Devialet telling one thing to me and another to yourself or others, not hard to believe (some of the info I've been told previously by Devialet was totally different than others).

My issue isn't the 2 day window in Perth, wouldn't expect any longer as not that many Devialet owners here in Perth, but the fact I'd been told 'Perth it is or nothing' (which now you're saying is incorrect, but I had asked twice and same answer). Will I get them upgraded this time, yes, but it was the fact that was told take it or leave it was the issue.

Back to the thread title, hope the new software release has fixed the majority of bugs, but off course some may still be there (or hidden by previous bugs, but only now evident).

Just hit the link in the CI log to rejoin the Beta program, it will let you reapply and get the new software (no need to wait for the email). Hope your upgraded Pro with the CI is everything you hoped it would be, and the new software brings the wanted enhancements - have a good weekend.
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Australia (Perth)
Dsd and 192/24 does not work for me either with AIR fixed IP. Works with USB.
Spotify connect does not work either.
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How do you guys get informed of firmware updates?
I haven't had an email from Devialet, apart from service replies about two log ins, since being informed of the O d'A update.
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(24-Mar-2018, 16:20)frejo Wrote: Dsd and 192/24 does not work for me either with AIR fixed IP. Works with USB.
Spotify connect does not work either.

24/192 not working for me either with Roon Air Ethernet. Sad
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