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Gecko onto plasterboard / stud wall?
I see my geckos came with plasterboard fixings. Does that mean Devialet designed them with the weight distribution to allow them to go onto stud walls?

Anyone try it? Smile
Probably but I wouldn’t put my trust in them. Given the weight will be accentuated by the distance away from the wall I would consult with a builder. £50 or so to have them do it as against over two grand a piece smashed on the floor.
At the very least, I would use the expanding toggle, or butterfly anchor bolts. I would not trust any fastener into drywall/ sheetrock, plasterboard alone. If you can find a stud, then a conventional lag screw would do the job solidly. There is the leverage as well as the vibrations to consider. And the cost of the Phantoms.
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I probably won’t do it as have them hanging from the ceiling, just find it interesting they come with what appears to be expanding bolts in the packet.

Devialet themselves replied saying they recommend solid walls so odd they would put them in there Smile

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