Poll: Do you own/use a turntable with your Devialet?
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Yes, I own & frequently use my turntable
37 54.41%
Yes, I own but rarely use my turntable
18 26.47%
Yes, I own but no longer use my turntable
1 1.47%
No, I don't own a turntable but I'm considering getting one
6 8.82%
No, I don't own a turntable and I'm not interested in getting one
6 8.82%
Total 68 vote(s) 100%
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How many Devialet owners use a Turntable?
(18-Nov-2016, 20:45)Axel Wrote:
(18-Nov-2016, 00:14)mdconnelly Wrote:   For those of us that grew up with vinyl, it is a critical component in our musical appreciation.  

For a lot of us, it was the only choice apart from radio, until Philips bought out the first mono cassette recorder. I used to sit with a portable radio, with the mic. for the recorder in front of it, with my finger on the button ready to record the next track from the top ten. Our family record player was a  Dansette (mono) model. Sounds weird, but I remember the smell of it!  Happy days.

Ha... remember doing that!
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1. Mac Mini 2011 (SSD 16GB RAM)- Devialet Air 3
Audioquest Forrest ethernet cables, local network on separate router
- Qobuz/Audirvana 2+/ Audirvana app on iPad (Via Mac mini)
2. 1999 Rega Planet CD - with replaced mechanism
3. 2016 Rega P3 Turntable with Exact cartridge

I have the D400s and uses 2 phonoplayers.

1.Kenwood Kd 650 with a OrtofonCadenza Red
2. A modified Thorens Td 350 MK3 with a Ortofon 2M Black

Both options sounds absolutely lovely through the Dev 400. I also have Manley Steelhead, but to be honest, I like the Dev400 better, less noise, hiss, almost none of these issues, and wonderfully detailed . Steelhead is amazing and could happily live with that one for along time, but feels for me the Devialet is as good and gives me what I feel is important in music, a more (amore), detailed look into music
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Hello, sold my Linn Sondek LP-12 2 years ago! Not regretted until today. Wink
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Germany / Bavaria
I use a Palmer 2.5 with a Terminator air bearing linear tracking tonearm and a Koetsu Black Goldline with my Devialet 440 Pro.

I use a SUT with Lundahl LL1933 transformers at 1:8 ratio into the Devialet phono stage configured as moving magnet.

Over the years I have invested much time, effort and money into vinyl replay. Although vinyl can sound very good I find it’s mostly eclipsed by modern digital replay.

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VortexBox running LMS & Linux Roon Core, Devialet 440 pro CI, Logitech Transporter, Palmer 2.5 Turntable, Koetsu Black Goldline, DIY Salas Phono Pre and Harbeth SHL5 Plus
Hy Folks,

use two turntables for almost 90% of hearing.
Main Drive is the DPS3 from Bauer Audio, for „old“ and most of the 2nd-hand vinyl my backup is an DDX-1500 from Micro Seiki.

atb, tom
Devialet 400 - TAD CE-1 - AudioValve Luminare - Stax SR-009
Bauer Audio DPS3/v.d.H Colibri XPG - Roon/Qobuz/AIR

One turntable with two arms - for stereo and mono.
Phono capability is one of the great features of Devialet Expert.

On the one occasion I met Mathieu Pernot, the Chief Engineer, he made the point that phono is very important to Devialet and they are very proud of their phono stage. I agree, it's brilliant, better than a very expensive valve unit I had before, and I'm now recording quite a lot of them.
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I use mine for transcribing LPs to computer. 75% for a local radio station, 25% for me

Cape Town - South Africa
Those who don’t own TT will not visit this part of the forum. The survey might be skewed one way or another.
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I have turntable connected to my 800 and I use it 2-3 times a week

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